Open Nature Innovation Arena

The Open Nature Innovation Arena (ONIA) is the ICT component that allows the citizens (including LL users and experts) to highlight real, social and territorial difficulty creating new Problem, and to propose their Idea as possible NBS solution to solve it. Furthermore, users are able to participate in the idea selection task, voting and sharing the preferred ones. Key personnel and appointed users are able to lead the co-creation activities establishing the requirements to be achieved and coordinating the tasks.

Finally, the ONIA allows to participate to the implementation, deployment and monitor phase allowing the stakeholders to provide feedbacks, comments and suggestions about the co-creating NBS.

ONIA main concepts

There are three main concepts in the Open Nature Innovation Arena:

  • Nature Based Solution (NBS): is a solution inspired by, supported by, or copied from nature, implemented and monitored to solve a problem.

  • Problem: is an urban problem/issue to be solved:

    • submitted by a citizen or ULL user (bottom up approach)
    • submitted by the PA representatives or by a ULL Manager (top down approach).
  • Idea: is the conceptualization of a possible NBS (technical or not) to be implemented to solve a problem.

  • Challenge: represents a call for ideas related to problems, submitted by PA representatives or ULL Managers.